10 disruptive technologies

10 disruptive technologies 

that will shape the future of sports and entertainment


1. Data Platforms that enable an ecosystem of sport organizations and partners to exchange data and ultimately improve fan service and experience. 

2. Virtual Assistants/Bots/Conversational User Interfaces that offer fans better service by providing personalized attention in their native language. 

3. Internet of Things/Edge/Sensors located at the venue site to capture data along the entire fan journey. 

4. Gamification, because it opens new channels for engaging with spectators and converting them into active participants in games and challenges before, during and after an event. 

5. Augmented Reality that creates immersive experiences inside a venue, thus mixing the real world with data.

6. Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning that radically changes the experience with new personalized services based on fan and athlete data and results prediction.

7. Blockchain that digitizes and secures ticketing and payments in venues, shops and other sports facilities. 

8. 5G, which promises broader bandwidth and speed transmission, enabling huge volumes of data and video through the network. 

9. Swarm Cloud strategies that orchestrate the multitude of venue systems to create on-demand processing capabilities, allowing seamless experiences across stadiums and events. 

10. Object-Oriented Media technologies that transform linear broadcasting into immersive 3D broadcasting, allowing fans to navigate into the action.

SOURCE: Look Out 2020+ Industry Trends Sport & Entertainment; Toward the Interactive Digital Fan Experience; Atos

Download the report at atos.net/lookout

Most popular sports globally in 2018

1.  Soccer/Football

2. Cricket

3. Field Hockey

4. Tennis

5. Volleyball

6. Table Tennis

7.  Baseball

8. Golf

9. Basketball

10. American Football

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