Fuelling Women Champions

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A new, multi-year program spearheaded by Dairy Farmers of Canada aims to get more women and girls involved in sports. That includes making women’s events more financially stable and boosting attendance. Angela Kryhul spoke with Dairy Farmers’ executive director, Caroline Emond, about the program.

Where did the idea for Fuelling Women Champions come from?

It’s always been part of the DNA of our organization to support athletes at different levels. We were looking into ways to support a cause that needed a big voice, so we started a discussion with the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS). Their data shows that only four per cent of Canadian girls reach their recommended levels of daily physical activity. That kind of number is very scary.

How does this program fit with Dairy Farmers’ overall sponsorship mandate?

What’s different about this program is that it will be more of an umbrella for the things we do. It’s a long-term program and a long-term commitment. It’s in-line with our mission of health, wellness and lifestyle, but in a different and more focused manner.

How are you rolling out the program?

Through our social media and communication plan, we’re shining a light on women performing sports, and that can be anything from young girls on a local soccer team, to helping send delegates to a conference on women in sports. The idea is to talk about women in sports on a daily basis and in everything we do. This initiative is really a social cause, and we will empower young girls as much as professional athletes by encouraging healthy habits.

Program Partners

Rugby Canada
Swimming Canada
Canadian Women’s Hockey League
Canadian Association for the
Advancement of Women and Sport
and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

 Program Activation 2015

– Introduce thousands of young girls to Canada’s top female athletes through sports clinics, meet and greet events, and social media community development.

– Support local women’s sports teams and leagues through direct sponsorships, promotions and grassroots volunteerism.

– Increase exposure for women’s sports by securing event broadcasts, on television and online.

– Supporting research in partnership with CAAWS.

– Build “home field advantage” by filling seats in the stands at women’s sports events through promotions and ticket giveaways.

– Create passionate fandom for women in sports by sharing inspirational stories and experiences.



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