2022 Wild Rose Invitational Generates over $.5 Million in Economic Activity for Leduc

Study by Sport Tourism Canada conducted in Summer of 2022

September 21, 2022: (OTTAWA, ON) . . . Hosted in Leduc for more than a decade, this year’s figure skating competition, the Wild Rose Invitational, generated $533,057 of economic activity in the Leduc area.  The event, which kicks off the competitive figure skating season and draws skaters from all over Canada, and in particular the Western Provinces, took place at the Leduc Recreational Centre from July 29 – August 1.

Sport Tourism Canada (STC) studied the economic activity generated by the event on behalf of the City of Leduc.

The combined spending of out-of-town participants, staff, spectators, media, and other people who visited Leduc for the 2022 Wild Rose Invitational, in combination with the expenditures made by the event organizers, totalled $437,535, supporting $646,640 in overall economic activity in Alberta.

“The City of Leduc continues to be a destination for national sporting events, and our amazing community continues to welcome visitors from coast-to-coast-to-coast with open arms and exceptional hospitality,” said City of Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “Sport tourism remains an important economic driver for the City of Leduc, and the Economic Impact Study re-affirms the positive impact hosting major events has on our community and province.”  

“We are proud to support sport tourism across the country with accurate data on the impact of hosting sport events,” said Heather Bury, Chair, Sport Tourism Canada Board. “This study demonstrates once again that local competitions generate significant economic activity not only for the host community, but provincially and nationally as well.”

 Summary of Key Findings for the 2022 Wild Rose Interational:  

  • $437K of initial expenditures 
  • $646K overall economic activity in the province 
  • 1,816 out-of-town visitors 
  • $334K of visitor spending 
  • $151K wages and salaries supported locally 
  • 2.9 local jobs in Leduc supported by the event
  • $327K boost to provincial GDP 
  • $128K taxes supported across Canada  

The full report is available here.

This economic impact model was developed by STC in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI) at The Conference Board of Canada. The CTRI serves the travel and tourism industry in providing sound economic forecasts and models with timely and insightful interpretation of data specifically relevant to travel. The model makes use of the most current and detailed input-output tables and multipliers available from Statistics Canada and leverages the credibility and robustness of sector specific tax data available from Statistics Canada’s Government Revenues Attributable to Tourism (GRAT) report.   

The STEAMPRO model been used since 2002 on over 300 EI assessments from small-town events to major multi-sport and international games and contains 100% Canadian data to directly reflect what took place at the specific event in the specific Canadian host community. It is considered the ‘gold standard’ in the field of economic impact assessment, providing credible and Canadian economic impact results.  

About Sport Tourism Canada (STC)  
Sport Tourism Canada is a non-governmental, member-based, capacity-building organization that promotes sport tourism as a grassroots economic development initiative at the community level. STC services over 500 members across Canada, including 130 municipalities, 300 national and provincial sport, multi-sport and major games organizations and a variety of other sport and tourism industry partners. Sport tourism is the fastest growing tourism industry sector in Canada with over $7.4 billion in annual spending by domestic and international visitors and is central to local and regional economic recovery from COVID-19.  

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