What’s keeping you up at night?

Industry leaders discussed pressing sport tourism issues at the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance’s 2019 [un] GOLF and Sport Tourism FORE-um. Here are just a few of the topics addressed:

Accessibility of aging infrastructure (sport venues and hotels) impacts ability to bid on or host sport events.

• Learn the accessibility requirements for different disabilities
• Create an inventory of existing accessible hotel rooms that can be shared with sport event rights holders
• Work with the municipality to develop a strategy to host para competitions

Not-for-profit sport events contribute to local economies, but are denied municipal funding and support.

• Measure economic impact using CSTA’s STEAM model 
• Ensure that all stakeholders and politicians are informed about the economic impact of these events 
• Collaborate or co-host sport events with arts and cultural events that currently receive municipal funding

Source: “Tackling Common Sport Tourism Challenges” roundtable discussion hosted by ADRENALIN magazine at the CSTA 2019 [un] GOLF and Sport Tourism FORE-um

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