Resiada room block management

If your sport event hinges on participants and spectators coming from out of town, you know that managing room blocks is crucial. But it can also be one of your greatest pain points. Resiada, a new cloud-based room block management tool and booking system, aims to ease the frustration, boost convenience for team managers and participants and even generate revenue. Here are the details:

Do It Yourself: The user-friendly design allows for easy set-up, says Ottawa-based Resiada managing director Jennifer Beatty, adding that online support and a call centre are also available.

Room blocks can be easily segmented into sub-blocks and organizers can send team managers a link so that they can monitor their team’s booking status, taking the task off the event organizer. “The flexibility is endless,” says Beatty, “the organizer can fully control what they want others to access and manage.”

Real-time Reports: One major frustration with room blocks is relying on hotels to provide pickup reports. Resiada’s reports are available 24/7, allowing you to make decisions in order to fulfill hotel contract obligations.

Cost: Unlike other systems that charge an annual fee, Resiada is contract-free. Instead, it charges a processing fee per transaction. You can choose to roll that fee into the booking cost so that it is absorbed by the attendee.

Attendee Convenience: Costs, such as hotel team breakfasts, can be added to the booking amount so that managers don’t have to run around collecting fees from players. There is also a point-of-interest map to show a hotel’s proximity to competition venues.

Revenue generation: Organizers can add additional fees in order to generate income for the event. And the front-end booking site can be branded, allowing for sponsorship opportunities, adds Beatty.

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