Montréal has the key to sustainability in sports

Photo: Jean-François Savaria – Tourisme Montréal

We all want our favourite destinations to remain as beautiful in 100 years as they are today. That’s the principle behind the proactive sustainable tourism strategy that guides the initiatives of Sports Events Montréal — and part of what has classed Montréal as a top sustainable tourism destination in North America according to the GDS Index.

Photo: Jaysson Gallant – Tourisme Montréal

Sustainability experts at your service

Our community-oriented approach brands Montréal as a harmonious destination: a city where the coexistence of residents and tourists is gloriously, harmoniously integrated. Part of that is to help sports event professionals plan more sustainable events. With our assistance, having a real positive impact at destination has never been so easy.

Sustainability should be an integral part of the strategy and budget of any event from the outset — not just an item on a checklist. Sports events leaders can use their platforms to communicate, before, during and after their events, the importance of eco initiatives with transparency — as Tennis Canada has done in the context of the National Open. It is incumbent upon us all to activate change as agents of a sustainable future.

Photo: Dan Mathieu – JACKALOPE 2019

The team at Sports Events Montréal has been called upon to advise as experts on sustainability. Recently Vincent Dumas, Sports Market Manager for Sports Events Montréal, participated on a panel discussing sustainability in sports at the national Sport Events Congress, organized by Sport Tourism Canada.

There was a fascinating panel with Micah Desforges, founding CEO of Tribu Expérientiel, the Montréal sports promoter behind such lauded urban sports festivals at JACKALOPE and the newer APIK, a freestyle ski and snowboard event that takes over Montréal’s downtown core in March. Desforges stressed the importance of environmental issues on sporting events with a concrete example: his APIK event last year was hobbled by unseasonably warm temperatures, a clear impact of global warming.

Let’s make change easy

Photo: Tribu Expérientiel inc.- Dan Mathieu

With the help of Sport Events Montréal, you’ll get excellent guidance for holding next-level sustainable sporting events. We collaborate with local partners including organizing committees, promoters and federations to spread sustainability initiatives throughout local sports. We also work with Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (CQEER) that can help prove you’re making a positive impact by getting your sporting event officially certified as sustainable, like the Montréal World Triathlon Groupe Copley and the Smash Festival.

Our Guide to Best Practices for Sustainable Sporting Events offers expert guidelines and concrete, tangible recommendations for planning and holding sustainable sports events. Whether you’re a seasoned planner or someone new to the industry, you’ll find a wealth of detailed information about how to make your event more sustainable. Change is within our grasp.

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