EproDirect creates a free COVID-19 Hotel Status Directory for hotels worldwide

Provider of innovative hospitality marketing solutions, EproDirect announces the launch of an online directory to keep meeting planners around the world up to date with the current status of hotels globally

EproDirect has again reiterated their goal to support the hospitality industry, to have the best possible experience with the launch of their Free COVID-19 Directory  for hotels worldwide. The online directory is aimed at providing meeting planners and travelers with the most updated status of hotels in different parts of the world, which will be shared with EproDirect’s community of over 80,000 meeting and event planners and travel counselors.  The goal is to make it easier and more effective for meeting planners to plan for meetings and events with both immediate needs, as well as future needs, especially amidst the COVID-19 threat.  The directory has been dubbed by meeting planners and travel counselors as, “The most essential resource during this time”.

The Novel COVID-19 has continued to wreak havoc in several countries across the globe, with the WHO declaring the virus a pandemic due to its widespread impact with more than a million people already infected by the virus. Consequently, governments in different parts of the world have taken measures to curb the spread of the virus with such measures including lockdowns and restrictions in the gathering of people. It has become extremely difficult for people to go about their daily activities including meetings. Event and meeting planners have also found it difficult to adequately and effectively put together meetings due to the complexities of knowing if the hotels are accepting group business RFP’s and also knowing the appropriate contacts based on layoffs and furloughs. This is where EproDirect is looking to be of great help again to the hospitality industry with the launch of the free COVID-19 Directory for hotels.

The online directory offers hotels not only the opportunity to increase their exposure, but also helps bridge the gap between suppliers and meeting planners. The user-friendly directory allows users to have their hotel open/closed status and also if they are currently accepting RFPs for current and future needs.

Hotels go HERE to be added for FREE.

About EproDirect
EproDirect is an email marketing agency that focuses exclusively on the meetings and convention segments of the hospitality industry. Founded in 2002, the company has worked with thousands of clients, launched tens of thousands of email marketing campaigns targeting their database of over 80,000 qualified meeting planner subscribers and generates thousands of new group business opportunities for hotels, resorts, destinations, and other meeting suppliers.  For more information about EproDirect, please visit – https://www.eprodirect.com/.

Chaunsea Keller, Executive Vice President

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