Work-life Wellness

Because employee well-being is multifaceted, employers are offering unique benefits that go beyond conventional health plans, according to a survey of more than 1,000 HR managers and 2,000 office workers across North America, by global staffing firm Robert Half.

Benefits Offered Most Frequently

The percentage of surveyed companies that offer each benefit
Extended Health Insurance: 81%
Paid Time Off: 76%
Dental Insurance: 71%
Retirement Savings Plan: 65%
Vision Insurance: 63%

Wellness Offerings Workers Value Most

The percentage of workers that value each option
Access to fitness facilities or programs: 24%
Ergonomic evaluations and equipment: 22%
Incentives for engaging in healthy behaviour: 18%
Healthy food options: 14%
Stress management resources: 14%
On-site vaccinations or health screenings: 9%

Common perks offered by employers

The percentage of companies that offer each benefit
Flexible work schedules or telecommuting options: 50%
Paid parental leave: 47%
Employee discounts: 42%
Company-subsidized meals or snacks: 35%
Paid time off for volunteer activities: 32%
Matching gift programs for employee donations/fundraising: 29%

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