Post-COVID: Attitudes toward data privacy

The worldwide pandemic has increased consumer awareness of data privacy and some segments of the global population are becoming more comfortable with providing their personal data, according to the recent EY Global Consumer Privacy Survey.

“I have used a government-backed contact-tracing app in the past 6 months”

29% Generation Z
26% Millennials
23% Generation X
19% Baby Boomers

43% Asia-Pacific
25% Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa
11% Americas

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“The COVID-19 pandemic has made me more willing to share my personal information, especially if I know it’s contributing towards the research effort and/or community wellness”

55% Millennials
50% Baby Boomers
47% Generation Z
46% Generation X

Factors Most Likely to Decrease Trust

The Organization
• Shares my data with 3rd parties without my overt consent (54%)
• Has a data breach or cyber attack (47%)
• Is asking for more data than I believe it needs from me (42%)
• Makes little to no effort to communicate its approach to data privacy (30%)

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