"WickFest has really become what I hoped it would be." — Hayley Wickenheiser

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Unconventional Spaces

Sports tourism is on the rise and convention centres across the country are eager to position their venues as a blank slate for hosting…

Abilities Centre

Bringing the community together. The Abilities Centre, a 125,000-sq.-ft. multi-use facility located in the town of Whitby, Ont., was designed as an inclusive environment…

Missing in Action

Political defections during international sport events are more common than you might think. Here’s what to do if visiting athletes or coaches go missing…

How to Build your Media Library

If you’ve ever “liked” a photo on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve experienced the thrill of engaging with beautiful photography. But, it takes a lot…

Cutting Big Data Down to Size

Powered by 40+ data sources, Environics’ PRIZM5 tool segments the Canadian population into clusters you can search by postal code. By Sarah B. Hood…

What’s Your Social ROI?

After an event, as organizers are gauging success, they naturally focus on traditional economic markers. And to be sure, sold-out competitions and hotels, and…