What to Do When Things Go Wrong:

A Five-Step Guide to Planning For and Surviving the Inevitable—And Coming Out Ahead

Author: Frank Supovitz

When you manage the biggest events in sports like award-winning event producer Frank Supovitz does, anything can happen, including a 34-minute power failure at Super Bowl XLVII that darkened half of New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome in 2013. (Supovitz’s well-rehearsed team and their excellent crisis communication kept fans calm and informed while workers repaired the mechanical failure.) In his newest book, the former senior vice-president of events for the NFL and NHL, offers crisis management and problem-solving know-how, sharing his own memorable experiences and those of other business leaders. “We learn more from the things that go wrong than things that go right. But, it’s a whole lot better to learn from the things that went wrong for someone else!”

—Cindy McGlynn

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