"WickFest has really become what I hoped it would be." — Hayley Wickenheiser

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The Event Competitive Highland dancing blends artistic expression, cultural tradition and physical rigour—it’s been likened to sprinting on your toes while wearing 10 pounds…

Social Media Panel

Angela Kryhul: What’s the best way to get your social media strategy on-track? Marc Dinsdale: At Facebook and Instagram we’re talking to our partners…


Source: ContentSquare. “Generation Z: The Coming of (Shopping) Age. A practical guide on how to attract and engage the new generation of consumers.”

Naming Rights

Why are naming rights an attractive opportunity for corporate sponsors? I think companies have individual motives for purchasing naming rights, but there are usually…

Q&A with PRP Inc.

“I focus on making 10-second memories, because your brain can only remember 10 seconds at a time. That could be the final touchdown, the…